(French for knowhow and expertise)

In parallel to its terroir, it is indeed the convergence of care and precision that makes the personality of Château Branas Grand Poujeaux.
The 17 hectares of the property allow a goldsmith’s work at each stage of the wine making process.

In the vineyard: like a garden…

“Here, I prune with 2 buttons, but on the other side of the path, I prune with 3 buttons…”.

As the seasons go by, the team works with particular attention given to each plot of land with hindsight and humility.

Everything is done to favor the natural and optimal development of both the vine and the soil. The reasoned agriculture method (HVE III), motivated by a permanent concern for precision and respect for the soil, aims at the optimal expression of the terroir in the wines.

Vintage after vintage, plot after plot, the harvest sees the consecration of the year’s work.

The grapes, at the heart of all the attention from the flower, are picked at their optimal maturity, manually, in crates in order to respect the integrity of the fruit.

For a precise selection of the berries, the harvest is received on a double sorting table, then vatted by gravity in thermo-regulated wooden or stainless steel vats of different capacities, respecting the parcel selections made upstream. Gentle and homogenous extraction of tannins is favoured in order to reveal the finesse and complexity of the terroir.

In the cellar

In the continuity of the work initiated in the vineyard, here again, the approach is individualized. Aging of the wine is carried out batch by batch.

At the end of the alcoholic fermentation carried out in vats, the wines are put into barrels to carry out their malolactic fermentation.

It is the character of the terroir and the vintage that determines the percentage of new barrels for each year. This carefully proportioned wood contributes to the overall complexity of the wine.

During a variable period of 15 to 18 months, the wine ages in the controlled atmosphere of the barrel cellar.

The wine is bottled on the estate with a tested superior natural cork. After bottling the wine is stored for several months before being released to our distribution partners and retailers.

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